Tonio (2017): Netherlands Oscar Entry

On May 23, 2010, 21-year-old Tonio is hit by a car and taken to hospital in a critical condition, where he subsequently dies.

The lives of his parents, who watch their son die in intensive care, are transformed forever.

Tonio’s life leaves a phantom pain in the lives of his parents, who are reminded of him by everything around them – including themselves. They mourn, and at the same time struggle to prevent their lives being caught up in a downward spiral of sorrow.

STARRING: Pierre Bokma, Rifka Lodeizen, Chris Peters
PRODUCED BY: Alain De Levita, Sabine Brian
WRITTEN BY: Hugo Heinen based on the Bestseller of the same title by A.F.Th. Van Der Heijden
DIRECTED BY: Paula van der OestRunning time: 100 min