Tobruk: Czech Nominee for Best Foreign-Language Oscar

The Czech nominee for the Best Foreign-Language Oscar, Tobruk centers on one battle and one life. During the Second World War, in fall of 1941, a Czechoslovakian unit is called to defend Tobruk, a city in northern Libya, fiercely held by German and Italian armies.

One of the soldiers is young Jiri Pospichal. His naive and idealistic notions of heroism and war are brutally confronted by the unbearable realities of the African desert, the everyday fight for survival and the very ever present possibility of death.

This is what Vaclav Havel, former Czech president and playwright, had to say about the film: “I was pleasantly surprised by Vaclav Marhoul’s film and consider “Tobruk” to be an excellent feature. The film is a raw, authentic and a compelling testament to the bravery of men whose outstanding service to our country was concealed by the former totalitarian regime. The riveting drama reminds us of this important chapter in our modern history.”

Tobruk was screened for czech troops in Afghanistan, a moving event for both the soldiers and the filmmakers.