Tiger Shark (1932): Hawks’ Pre-Code Melodrama, Starring Edward G. Robinson

Howard Hawks directed Tiger Shark, a pre-Code romantic melodrama starring Edward G. Robinson, Richard Arlen and Zita Johann.

The script is credited to Hawks and Jon Lee Mahin,

Robinson plays a one-handed tuna fisherman named Mike whose wife falls for the man he had saved, causing his loss of hand.

The film was made the same year as Scarface, Hawks better (and better known film).

The premise was recycled several times in future films, such as Manpower with Marlene Dietrich and George Raft, in which Robinson plays the same role, only as a power-line worker.

Zita Johann is best known for her role opposite Boris Karloff in Karl Freund’s The Mummy, also made in 1932.

Edward G. Robinson as Mike Mascarenhas
Richard Arlen as Pipes Boley
Zita Johann as Quita Silva
Leila Bennett as Muggsey, A Barber
J. Carroll Naish as Tony

Running time: 77 Minutes

Release date: September 22, 1932

End Note:

I am now almost complete in watching all of Howard Hawks films.  TCM showed this movie on a day devoted to “Shark” films, June 14, 2019.