Tibet In Song: Ngawang Choephel’s Award Winning Docu

Competing against fifteen other World Cinema documentaries, Tibet In Song by Ngawang Choephel was awarded this year’s Special Jury Prize in the World Cinema Documentary section of the festival.  In giving the award, Festival jurists cited Choephel’s passion and determination to tell his story as what made the film one of this year’s most popular selections.  Choephel’s debut film played in sold out theaters throughout the festival and was invited to screen once more in a special showing at the Sundance Resort.

The documentary explores the occupation of Tibet by neighboring Chinese forces.  A nation that was once sovereign for thousands of years, with its own music, heritage, laws, and customs is now assimilated into the People’s Republic of China.  While Tibetans still grieve silently, they share their voices through Tibet in Song.  The director, who was unjustifiably thrown in jail by Chinese police and served six years in prison, accepted the award on behalf of all Tibetans whose voices are silenced by these Chinese forces.  Worldwide rights to Tibet in Song are available.