Those People: N.Y. Gay Drama from Joey Kuhn

An audience award winner at the 2015 Outfest, THOSE PEOPLE is a sophisticated, NYC-set gay drama, brimmingwith erotic tension, representing the impressive debut feature from writer-director Joey Kuhn.
The film will open theatrically May 5 at Arena Cinemas (LA) and Cinema Village (NYC).
A gay love triangle, Those People opens a window into upper crust, young Manhattanites struggling to find themselves amidst while making moral, emotional, and erotic choices.
On Manhattan’s Upper East Side, an impressionable young painter, Charlie (Jonathan Gordon), meets an older pianist from across the globe, Tim (Haaz Sleiman, ‘The Visitor”).
Unfortunately, Charlie is also consumed with desire for his manipulative best friend, Sebastian (Jason Ralph, “The Magicians”), who is embroiled in a Bernie Madoff-like family financial scandal.
Sebastian’s coping mechanism is non-stop moneyed hedonism, and he insists Charlie join him on his self-destructive streak of sex, drinking and partying at his father’s massive penthouse.
As a result of Sebastian’s dangerous downward spiral, their tight-knit group of friends faces the new realities of adulthood.
Manhattan’s Upper East Side provides the backdrop for a tale of entitlement, privilege, loyalty, and their complicated effect on the future of one young man.
Capturing in detail the world of elite Manhattan’s young and rich, THOSE PEOPLE creates particular sense of place, mood, and time to tell an erotic story of the ethics of desperation.