Third Man, The: From Great Film to Radio

The Third Man was adapted as a one-hour radio play on two broadcasts of Lux Radio Theater, first on April 9, 1951 with Joseph Cotten, then on February 8, 1954 with Ray Milland.

A British radio drama series called The Adventures of Harry Lime, which was broadcast in the US as The Lives of Harry Lime, centred on Lime’s adventures, voiced by Welles, prior to his “death in Vienna”.

Fifty-two episodes were aired in 1951 and 1952, several of which Welles wrote, including “Ticket to Tangiers”, which is included on the Criterion Collection releases of the film.  Recordings of the 1952 episodes “Man of Mystery”, “Murder on the Riviera” and “Blackmail is a Nasty Word” are included on the Criterion Collection DVD The Complete Mr. Arkadin.

Michael Rennie portrayed Harry Lime in The Third Man, a TV version which ran for five seasons beginning in 1959.

Seventy-seven episodes were shot and the directors included Paul Henreid (10 episodes), better known as a star, and Arthur Hiller (6 episodes).

Jonathan Harris played sidekick Bradford Webster for 72 episodes, and Roger Moore, who later became famous as James Bond, guest starred in “The Angry Young Man,” which was directed by Hiller.