Third Finger, Left Hand: Robert Z. Leonard’s Romantic Comedy, Starring Myrna Loy and

In Robert Z. Leonard’s mildly entertaining screwball comedy, Myrna Loy stars as New York magazine editor Margot Sherwood “Merrick,” who invents a husband to safeguard her job; the publisher’s jealous wife had fired the last two women in her position.

The mask also helps keeping aggressive men away–Margot is determined to succeed in her career.  Photographer August Winkel (Felix Bressart) collaborates by writing her letters, signed “Tony Merrick.”

Visiting a friend on a passenger ship, she meets art dealer Mr. Flandrin (Donald Meek). Irritated by Flandrin’s brusk attitude, Margot asks him to leave. However, Margot’s friend had gotten off at a prior stop, and the paintings actually belong to Jeff Thompson (Melvyn Douglas). Jeff runs into Flandrin on deck, only to learn that the dealer is insulted and no longer interested.

Masquerading as an enthusiastic rival dealer, she manipulates Flandrin into offering Jeff a much better deal than he had expected.  When her lawyer boyfriend Philip Booth (Lee Bowman) cancels their date, she goes out with Jeff.

At the nightclub, a drunken acquaintance spots Margot and mentions her husband, forcing Margot to lie that it was merely a passing infatuation in Rio. However, inconsistencies in her story cause him to check up on her.

To teach her a lesson, he shows up at her family mansion and announces to her father (Raymond Walburn), younger sister (Bonita Granville), and butler that he is Tony. Margot has no choice but to go along with the deception.

Philip tells her she cannot “divorce” a man to whom she is not even married. He suggests she first marry him discreetly, then divorce him publicly. Philip convinces a reluctant Jeff to go along. The couple head off to Niagra Falls to get married, where Jeff runs into friends from his Ohio hometown. Taking the opportunity to revenge, Margot pretends to be an uncouth wife.

Margot, Jeff, and Philip then board a train to drop Jeff off in Ohio. Margot and Philip plan to go on to Reno to divorce, then get married themselves. Having second thoughts Jeff hires African American train porter Sam (who has been studying law by correspondence) to draw out the property settlement negotiations. When Jeff gets off the train, Margot goes with him.