Theory of Everything: Romantic Love but No Sex

“The Theory of Everything” looks at the close relationship between Stephen Hawking and his first wife Jane Wilde Hawking, but viewers won’t be seeing physical intimacy or sexual encounters between the two longtime lovers and then spouses.

The film’s director James Marsh had revealed that the real-life Jane Wilde Hawking, upon whose memoir the script is based, stood firmly against any sex scenes being incorporated into the movie.

“Jane had quite a strong boundary against any exploration of sexuality in the relationship. We do hint at it and we’re obviously aware that they had a romantic life of that sort, through the arrival of children and through one or two scenes that get close to it, but that was something that she wasn’t comfortable with.”

But, in his opinion. “it would be very interesting to explore that with our actors, I mean and we talked about it and were, sort of, keen to do it, but … when you make a film about living people, you do have to respect certain things that they want you to respect and that was one we did.”