Great, The: Nicholas Hoult Returns to the Globes as Nominee

The Great: Nicholas Hoult Returns to the Golden Globes and Season Two


Nicholas Hoult arrives at the American Friends Of Covent Garden 50th Anniversary Celebration - Getty-H 2019
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The actor, who is nominated for playing Peter III of Russia on the Hulu series, first attended the Globes when he was 12 years old, for ‘About a Boy.’

Nicholas Hoult is in London shooting the second season of Hulu’s The Great.

He was doing a workout in his kitchen when his phone started beeping with congratulatory texts. “I saw that the show had been nominated, and that Elle Fanning had been nominated and I was really, really happy,” says Hoult of the Golden Globes nominations.

It took him a minute to find a website that listed all the nominations — and verified that he too had earned a nomination for his performance as Peter III in the comedy series. “I was so proud. I just feel lucky to be a part of this show.”

With season two in full swing, Hoult says the success of the Catherine the Great comedy series “always comes back to Tony’s writing.” “We left the end of the first season is unexpected territory. It’s really fun to watch how the characters develop. That’s what’s fun of watching Elle — I’m in awe of where she’s taking Catherine.”

Hoult, now 31, first attended the Golden Globes when he was 12 years old, when the film About a Boy was nominated. “It was the first big awards ceremony I’d ever been to. It was so overwhelming and your brain can’t handle it when you’re that young,” says Hoult. “But also at the same time, you take it in in stride, and it almost feels like a normal thing. Now, all these years on, I realize how special it was to be there.”

Hoult is particularly excited for his nomination this because he’s nominated along with his former co-stars from the British TV show Skins. Both Daniel Kaluuya and Dev Patel appeared on the series alongside Hoult. “We came up together. It’s a brilliant year for alumni of that show, and that makes me very proud,” he says.

His former About a Boy co-star Hugh Grant also earned a nomination for his work on the HBO series The Undoing. “That’s the one sad thing, is that we won’t all be together in a room, but hopefully we can set up something fun to do, regardless.”

As for his workout? “I can tell you that I didn’t finish my workout,” he says. “I went straight for a bottle of champagne.”