Ten North Frederick (1958)

20th Century-Fox


Philip Dunne's marital melodrama, based on John O'Hara's novel, is one of the last (and weakest) films that Gary Cooper made prior to his untimely death in 1961, age 60.


Geraldine Fitzgerald plays Edith Chapin, the ambitious wife of Joe (Cooper), who goads him into visiting a conniving politician and donates a large sum to the Party, in return for a nomination.  Meanwhile, Joe’s daughter Ann (Diane Varsi) becomes involved with a dance band musician, whom she marries.  However, after a tense scene with her mother, Ann suffers a miscarriage, and Joe buys off the young husband. 


The politician double-crosses Joe by making the events public and Joe’s wife taunts him with news of her infidelity.  With his whole world crumbling around him, Joe takes off for New York to get his daughter back, but falls in love with her beautiful roommate Kate Drummond (the model Suzy Parker), whom he takes to a cabin in the mountains. 


The age difference between them is so apparent that Joe eventually is forced to relinquish the only love he has ever known.  Melodrama kicks in when Joe becomes ill and his son Joby (Ray Stricklyn) summons Ann home, reconciling father and daughter before he dies.


This was the second film, after “Love in the Afternoon” with Audrey Hepburn, in which Coop was paired with a romantic interest that could be his daughter.




Gary Cooper (Joe Chapin)

Diane Varsi (Ann Chapin)

Suzy Parker (Kate Drummond)

Geraldine Fitzgerald (Edith Chapin)

Tom Tully (Slattery)

Ray Stricklyn (Joby)

Philip Ober (Lloyd Williams)

John Emery (Paul Donaldson)

Stuart Whitman (Charley Bongiorno)

Linda Watkins (Peg Slattery)

Barbara Nichols (Stella)

Joe McGuinn (Dr. English)

Jess Kirkpatrick (Arthur McHenry)

Nolan Leary (Harry Jackson)

Helen Wallace (Marian Jackson)

Beverly Jo Morrow (Waitress)

Buck Class (Bill)

Rachel Stephens (Salesgirl)

Bob Adler (Farmer)

Ling Foster (Peter)

John Harding (Robert Hooker)

Dudley Manlove (Ted Wallace)

Mack Williams (General Coates)

Vernon Rich (Board Chairman)

Mary Carroll (Nurse)

George Davis (Waiter)

Joey Faye (Taxi Driver)

Fred Essler (Hoffman)

Irene Seidner (Wife)

Melinda Byron (Hope)

Sean Meaney (Sax Player)

John Indrisano (Men)

Michael Pataki (Men)

Michael Morelli (Men)




Director: Philip Dunne.

Scenarist: Philip Dunne, from the novel by John O’Hara.

Producer: Charles Brackett.

Photographer: Joe MacDonald.

Musical Score: Leigh Harline.

Art Directors: Lyle R. Wheeler and Addison Hehr.

Set Decorators: Walter M. Scott and Eli Benneche.

Musical Director: Lionel Newman.

Editor: David Bretherton.

Costumer: Charles Le Maire.

Special Photographic Effects: L.B. Abbott.

Makeup Artist: Ben Nye.

Hair Stylist: Helen Turpin.

Assistant Director: Hal Herman.

Sound Recorder: Alfred Bruzlin.

Orchestrator: Edward B. Powell.

CinemaScope lenses by Bausch & Lomb.