Tarantino on Music in Film

Quentin Tarantino was not all smiles when receiving a special honor at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards on Friday at the Palladium.

The cult director turned serious when talking backstage about his longtime editor and friend, Sally Menkes, who died suddenly in September after a Los Angeles hike.
Tarantino said he hasn't even begun to think about finding a new editor for his next project. "I haven't even gone there," he said when asked. "I can't go there."
He did admit he would eventually move forward. "I will go on," he said. "But how? I cannot answer that right now."
He was honored with the first ever Critics' Choice Music + Film Award which was created to honor a single filmmaker who inspires moviegoers with cinematic storytelling but also heightened the impact of film through the use of source and soundtrack music.
Resevoir Dog cast member Tim Roth presented the award saying he was happy to "celebrate Quentin for using music so damn effectively."
The presentation included montage of scenes from his movies “Pulp Fiction,” Kill Bill,” and “Reservoir Dogs,” including the most brutal scene, which depicts the cutting off of an ear. It’s arguably the most graphicallt violent scene in all of Tarantino’s work.
When asked backstage if there was one song he was still eager to use in a film, he snapped back: "I'm not going to tell you, then somebody else will use it."
He later admitted there were a few songs that he's "keeping in reserve."