Tall Man Riding (1955): Lesley Selander’s Western, Starring Randolph Scott and Dorothy Malone

Tall Man Riding is a B-level Western in color, directed by Lesley Selander, and starring Randolph Scott, Dorothy Malone, and Peggie Castle.

Tall Man Riding
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Based on Norman A. Fox’s novel Tall Man Riding, the tale centers on a cowboy (Scott) seeking revenge against a ranch owner for publicly whipping him years earlier and for breaking up his relationship with the ranch owner’s daughter (Malone).

Seven years after being expelled from the city by cattle baron Tucker Ordway, Larry Madden returns to take revenge and claims his rightful land. He also plans to resume romance with Corinna, Tucker’s daughter.

Corinna finally allies with Larry, who is still undecided whether to become a murderer as doing so would separate him from society for the rest of his life.


Randolph Scott as Larry Madden
Dorothy Malone as Corinna Ordway
Peggie Castle as Reva, Pearlo’s Palace entertainer
Bill Ching as Rex Willard
John Baragrey as Sebo Pearlo
Robert Barrat as Tucker Ordway
John Dehner as Ames Luddington
Paul Richards as The Peso Kid
Lane Chandler as Hap Sutton
Mickey Simpson as Deputy Jeff Barclay


Directed by Lesley Selander
Screenplay by Joseph Hoffman, based on Tall Man Riding, 1951 novel by Norman A. Fox
Produced by David Weisbart
Cinematography Wilfred M. Cline
Edited by Irene Morra
Music by Paul Sawtell

Production and distribution: Warner

Release date: June 18, 1955

Running time: 83 minutes

Box office $1.4 million