Super Friends! Lost Episodes

For the past 30 years, the Super Friends! series has garnered a huge cult following and we are happy to share all 24 ‘lost’ adventures with longtime fans and generations to come. DC Super Heroes are back in crime-fighting action as Warner Home Video (WHV) and DC Comics release on DVD for the first time Super Friends: The Lost Episodes.  Available on August 11, 2009 for $26.99 SRP, this Deluxe Two-Disc Collector’s edition DVD stars DC Comics’ favorite Heroes and Villains in 24 action-packed “Lost Episodes” of the hit animated series Super Friends!  

 Super Friends: The Lost Episodes chronicles the adventures of Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Wonder Twins: Zan and Jayna, and their rascally blue space monkey Gleek, as they join forces to battle evil and save the world from unthinkable dangers. The collection also features fan-favorite villains such as Brainiac, Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Hanna-Barbera-originated hero El Dorado. Produced after the Super Friends series ended its run, these treasures were “lost” for more than a decade until they were finally shown as part of The Superman/Batman Adventures television series.

The Deluxe Two-Disc Collector’s Set also features special downloadable bonus content including:

·        A vintage Super Friends! comic book cover

·        Two Super Friends! comic book adventures from the DC Vault “The Mindless Immortal” and “Wendy and Marvin Meet the JLA” rarely available since their original publication – 23 pages in all!

Super Friends: The Lost Episodes includes 24 exciting episodes:

           Disc I

  1. Mxyzptlk’s Revenge
  2. Roller Coaster
  3. Once Upon a Poltergeist
  4. The Krypton Syndrome
  5. Invasion of the Space Dolls
  6. Terror on the Titanic
  7. The Revenge of Doom
  8. A Pint of Life
  9. Day of the Dinosaurs
  10. Playground of Doom
  11. Space Racers
  12. The Recruiter

           Disc II

  1. Warpland
  2. Two Gleeks Are Deadlier Than One
  3. Bulgor the Behemoth
  4. Prisoners of Sleep
  5. An Unexpected Treasure
  6. The Malusian Blob
  7. Return of the Phantoms
  8. Bully for You
  9. Superclones
  10. Attack of the Cats
  11. One Small Step For Superman
  12. Video Victim