Suicide Squad: Virtual Reality Content to Fans

Samsung and Warner have formed promotional partnership that will include delivering Suicide Squad virtual reality content to fans in advance of the Warner film’s August 5 release.

That will include debut at San Diego Comic-Con and a presence at the film’s August 1 U.S. premiere and post-party.

Suicide Squad content will also be available on Samsung VR, the brand’s VR content service.

At Comic-Con, guests can use the Samsung Gear VR headsets to enter the Suicide Squad world and watch a scene from the film. Following Comic-Con, it will be available on Samsung VR, the consumer tech company’s virtual reality content service.

Fans who purchase a Samsung Galaxy tablet at select retailers during a promotional period may receive two tickets to see Suicide Squad in the theater.

“Our collective aim is to reward fans of the property both in the consumer market and by giving them the chance to immerse themselves in a virtual environment alongside the Suicide Squad characters in a most realistic and exciting way,” said Gene Garlock, executive vp, worldwide promotional alliances and partnerships, Warner Pictures.