Strictly Ballroom: Special Edition

On November 23, 2010 the captivating, hilarious and exaggerated romantic comedy about the fantastical world of ballroom dancing and the fixated characters that live within it, STRICTLY BALLROOM, makes its highly-anticipated debut as an all-new Special Edition DVD. 

Released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and co-written/directed by award-winning Baz Luhrmann (best known for The Red Curtain Trilogy, which includes his films Strictly Ballroom, William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge), STRICTLY BALLROOM is a wildly off-beat comedy about a male dancer (Paul Mercurio) who refuses to follow the accepted rules of ballroom dancing and creates his own style of choreography, which infuriates the ballroom dancing establishment. Before he’s scheduled to compete in the Pan-Pacific ballroom championships, he’s forced to take up a new partner (Tara Morice), a beginner who initially seems without promise.
STRICTLY BALLROOM Special Edition DVD will retail in the US for the suggested retail price of $19.99and include a four all-new, never-before released extended bonus features – a mini documentary and audio commentary featuring Baz Luhrmann and the journey of creating the film, interviews with real ballroom dancers and competitions and an insightful 3D gallery of images that explain the inspiration behind the film, costumes, characters, etc.
STRICTLY BALLROOM was Luhrmann’s directorial debut film and was inspired by his own childhood experiences with ballroom dance classes and his mom’s career as a ballroom dance teacher.  The movie itself was based on a 20-minute play that Mr. Luhrmann wrote in drama school.
“‘Strictly Ballroom’ has been an important part of my creative journey, drawing from my childhood experience in the world of ballroom dancing to the first production’s inception as a response to any form of oppression, clashed with the love of classic Hollywood storytelling,” said Luhrmann.  “As this was my first film, and sold in many different territories in a variety of ways, we have spent a lot of time crafting the film in a home entertainment format that Ifeel is of the quality that fans deserve. I think who view ‘Strictly Ballroom’ for the first time will find that the back-stage story of creating my firstmotion picture somewhat parallels the story of the film itself. I can only hope, as in the film, that it is a win for the audience.”
When released theatrically in 1992, STRICTLY BALLROOM quickly emerged as an award-winning audience favorite – it garnered at the Cannes Film Festival’s Prix de Jeunesse (“Award of the Youth – Foreign Film”) in 1992, The Toronto Film Festival’s “People’s Choice Award” in 1992, a Golden Globe nomination for “Best Picture – Comedy/Musical” (1994), 12 Australian film academy awards including best picture, and many,many more.
               An all-new mini documentary ‘Strictly Ballroom: From Stage To Screen’ created especially for the Special Edition DVD release, featuring Baz Luhrmann and his close collaborators discussing the extraordinary journey of creating the film
               ‘Samba To Slow Fox’ – an exciting and insightful featurette, containing fascinating interviews with ballroom dancers and dance footage from various competitions
               3-D Gallery – an insightful series of mini featurettes with still images and Baz Luhrmann commentary that canvases inspiration for the costumes, story and much more
               Film Audio Commentary with Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin and John O’Connell