Stonewall Uprising: Chronicle of Seminal Night, June 28, 1969

First Run Features has secured the theatrical rights to STONEWALL UPRISING. 

Directed by award-winning documentary veterans and frequent collaborators Kate Davis (“Waiting for Armageddon,” “Southern Comfort”) and David Heilbroner (“Waiting for Armageddon,” “Pucker Up”), the film chronicles the remarkable story of the night of June 28, 1969 when a police raid at Greenwich Village’s famous Stonewall Inn, incited the gay and lesbian population to finally fight back.

“This film captures the ‘Rosa Parks’ moment that began one of the most important civil rights movements of modern times,” comments Kate Davis.  “Having worked with First Run Features before, we knew this would be another perfect fit and we couldn’t be happier with the advance reception the film is garnering from the exhibitors,” commented David Heilbroner. 

STONEWALL UPRISING will premiere at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival prior to its theatrical run which begins on June 16th in New York at Film Forum.  Timed to coincide with the nation’s Pride celebrations, the film opens in over forty markets the following weeks.

“The tension, the danger, the bravery and the exhilaration of successfully standing up to oppression are all captured brilliantly and passionately in this definitive film,” Seymour Wishman, President of First Run Features stated. “We are proud to be representing STONEWALL UPRISING.”

Based on Stonewall: The Riots That Sparked the Gay Revolution by David Carter, the film was produced by WGBH for the PBS American Experience series.

STONEWALL UPRISING is Davis and Heilbroner’s sixth documentary together.