South of Suez (1940): Lewis Seiler’s Murder Drama, Starring George Brent

Lewis Seiler directed South of Suez, a murder/courtroom drama starring George Brent, Brenda Marshall, and George Tobias.

An alleged murder in an African diamond mine haunts a man many years later after he has returned to Britain.

The film was part of a cycle of British-themed films made by Hollywood studios during the era.

The lead role was meant to be played by George Raft but he turned it down so George Brent played it

George Brent as John Gamble
Brenda Marshall as Katharine ‘Kit’ Sheffield
George Tobias as Eli Snedeker
James Stephenson as Inspector Thornton
Lee Patrick as Delia Snedeker
Eric Blore as Harold ‘Limey’ Wemsley
Miles Mander as Roger Smythe
Cecil Kellaway as Henry Putnam
Mary Forbes as Mrs. Putnam
Gilbert Emery as Manders
Stanley Logan as Prosecutor
Frederick Worlock as Defense Counsel
Edward Fielding as Judge
Leonard Mudie as Registrar
Crauford Kent as Sedley
Holmes Herbert as Simpson
Prince Modupe as Lano


TCM showed the movie on June 29, 2020.