Smarty (1934): Robert Florey’s Pre-Code Comedy, Starring Joan Blondell

Robert Florey directed Smarty, a Pre-Code comedy, starring Warren William and Joan Blondell.

Adapted from F. Hugh Herbert’s play by Carl Erickson, the tale centers on Joan Blondell’s Vicki, a presumably happily married woman, who nonetheless enjoys provocative teasing.

When her teasing leads to a slap on her face from her husband Tony (Warren William), she hires her husband’s friend and attorney Vernon (Edward Everett Horton) to divorce him.

But after marrying Vernon, she continues teasing him too, wearing revealing clothes, and inviting her ex-husband over for dinner.

Joan Blondell as Vicki Wallace Thorpe
Warren William as Tony Wallace
Edward Everett Horton as Vernon Thorpe
Frank McHugh as George Lancaster
Claire Dodd as Nita
Joan Wheeler as Mrs. Bonnie Durham
Virginia Sale as Vicki’s Maid
Leonard Carey as Tony’s Butler


Note: TCM showed this movie December 12, 2019.