Sing Street: John Carney’s Charming Musical

It’s hard to explain why John Carney’s charming Sing Street failed so miserably at the domestic box-office.

The third panel in Carney’s highly acclaimed trilogy, following Once and Begin Again,

Set in the 1980s in Ireland, the original tale centers on a clique of male teenagers who launch a rock band.

Was it a marketing failure by the Weinstein Company?  Bad release timing (in the spring)? Declining interest in such musical due to familiarity with Carney’s conceptual strategy.

The first film, Once, was marvelous and found appreciative audiences, also got Oscar gold.

The second, Begin Again, was praised by critics but only generated mild interest among viewers.

Talents like Carney’s are rare, and hopefully the dismal domestic figure of $3 million should not discourage this artist from making future musicals.