Shootist, The: John Wayne’s Last Film with his Favorite Horse

The horse that J. B. Books, played by John Wayne, rides in The Shootist, and gives to Gillom — Dollar (Ol’ Dollar) – had been the actor’s favorite horse for 10 years.

The horse shown during the final scene of True Grit, directed by Henry Hathaway and Wayne’s Oscar winning film, was Dollar, a two-year-old in 1969.

Wayne had Dollar, a chestnut Quarter Horse gelding, written into the script, because of his love for the horse.  In fact, some say it was a condition for him working on the project. Wayne would not let anyone else ride him, while he was alive.

Robert Wagner rode the horse in a segment of the Hart to Hart TV show, but this was after Wayne’s death.

The Shootist, beautifully directed by Don Siegel, in 1976, turned out to be a most suitable swan song for Wayne’s half a century career.