Shea Goodbye: 45 Years of Amazin–Shea Stadium

“Shea Goodbye: 45 Years of Amazin,” which will be released on DVD June 10, 2008, celebrates the most memorable moments in Shea Stadiums history with rare archival footage that offers an amotional look back at sports heroes, world leaders, rock n roll icons, and so on.

The feature honors the end of one of the most magical eras in New York Mets baseball history as Major League Baseball Productions, in conjunction with Genius Products, LLC, delivers a special edition DVD that commemorates New Yorks beloved Shea Stadium and all its glory, history, and fanfare.

Actor and Mets fan Matthew Broderick narrates this journey through the history of Shea Stadium with an unprecedented collection of footage spanning 45 years of sports and musical milestones at the Mets home field in the Big Apple, including the Miracle Mets of 1969, the Super Bowl champion New York Jets, the Beatles legendary concert at Shea, and more.

From Tom Seaver and Darryl Strawberry to David Wright, fans celebrate a monument that has been center stage for sports heroes, music legends and presidents. Nail biting drama, World Series celebrations, and even profound moments honoring some of Americas heroes offer nostalgia and inspiration. The DVD features the great 1969 and 1986 World Series Championships as well as extraordinary musical performances from Rock n Roll icons.

The DVD also features the Amazin 1986 World Series Championship, the historic night Jackie Robinsons number was retired league-wide, and legendary Mets traditions including Casey Stengel birthdays, Banner Day, Strawberry Sunday and more!

Forty-five years after its arrival, it is time for generations of fans to reminisce one last time before Shea says goodbye!

Brief Synopsis

For nearly half a century, Shea Stadium has been home to the New York Mets and their millions of adoring fans. But now its time to say goodbye, as Major League Baseball pays tribute to the magical moments and miraculous events that transformed this ballpark into one of the most famous cultural landmarks in sports. Hosted by Matthew Broderick and highlighted by exciting footage of the Mets and their 45 Amazin years at Shea, including two World Series Championships and four National League Pennants, this extraordinary DVD celebration also features such historical milestones as the legendary Beatles at Shea concerts, Broadway Joe Namath leading the upstart Jets, the return of Willie Mays and more.

From sports heroes to world leaders to rock n roll icons, “Shea Goodbye” vividly captures the thrills, drama and excitement that not only shook a stadium but the world!

Runing Time: 120 minutes