Sharkfighters, The: Starring Victor Mature

Directed by Jerry Hopper, The Sharkfighters is a passably entertaining adventure about U.S. Navy scientists working to invent a “shark repellent,” in order to protect military personnel at sea.

Lawrence Roman and John Robinson wrote the screenplay based on an original story by Jo Napoleon and Art Napoleon.

The film stars Victor Mature, James Olson, and former child-actor Claude Akins

In 1943, U.S. Navy scientists and civilian marine biologists collaborate to devise a shark repellent to help downed World War II pilots in shark-infested open water. One scientist, however, violates rules to finish the project more quickly, resulting in defective equipment and the death of a young man. The repentant scientist attempts to redeem himself by creating a proper repellent, at the cost of his own life.


Victor Mature … Lt. Commander Ben Staves
James Olson … Ensign Harold Duncan
Claude Akins … Chief “Gordy” Gordon
George Neise … Commander George Zimmer
Karen Steele … Martha Staves
Philip Coolidge … Lt. Commander Leonard Evans
Rafael Campos … Carlos
Nathan Yates … Captain Ruiz