Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America

Tony Stones directorial debut, “SEVERED WAYS: THE NORSE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA,” is set in the 11th century, when Vikings, Indians, and Irish monks collide on the shores of North America in a historical epic adventure of exploration, personal glory, and religious dominance.

Abandoned by a Western exploration party and stranded in the New World, two lone Vikings (Tony Stone, Fiore Tedesco) wade through a grand primeval landscape, struggling for survival while still in the grip of their Norse ways.

SEVERED WAYS features a black metal soundtrack, including Burzum, Morbid Angel, Judas Priest, Queens of the Stone Age and Dimmu Borgir.

Directed, written and starring: Tony Stone
Produced by: Clare Amory, Amy Hobby, David Raymond, Tony Stone


Tony Stone, Fiore Tedesco, David Perry, Clare Amory, Noelle Bailey, Nathan Corbin and James Fuentes.
Languages: Greenlandic with English subtitles
Running Time: 107 minutes