Saturday’s Children (1929): La Cava’s Part-Talkie Romantic-Comedy, Starring Corinne Griffith and Grant Withers

Gregory La Cava directed Saturday’s Children, a part-talkie romantic-comedy, starring Corinne Griffith, Grant Withers, Albert Conti, Alma Tell, and Lucien Littlefield.

It is based on the 1927 play Saturday’s Children by Maxwell Anderson.

The film was released by Warner on March 10, 1929 in silent version, and on April 14, 1929 in sound version.

The film is now considered lost.

Corinne Griffith as Bobby Halevy
Grant Withers as Rims Rosson
Albert Conti as Mengle
Alma Tell as Florrie
Lucien Littlefield as Willie
Charles Willis Lane as Mr. Henry Halevy
Anne Schaefer as Mrs. Halevy
Marcia Harris as Mrs. Gorlick



Directed by Gregory La Cava

Written by Forrest Halsey (dialogue and scenario), Paul Perez (titles), based on the play Saturday’s Children by Maxwell Anderson
Music by Alois Reiser
Cinematography by John F. Seitz
Edited by Hugh Bennett
Production company Walter Morosco Productions
First National Pictures
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date March 10, 1929 (silent version); April 14, 1929 (sound version)
Running time: 90 minutes