Rob Roy (1995)

Actor Liam Neeson is on a roll, proving immense diversity. After playing a Polish industrialist in "Schindler's List" and almost stripping naked as a psychologist curing Jodie Foster in "Nell," he now essays a historical costume drama, "Rob Roy," in which he's clad in a kilt.
In the new epic-adventure, Neeson plays eighteenth century legendary Scottish Highlander Robert Roy MacGregor, a Robin Hood type of a hero, with a touch of the protagonist of  "Last of the Mohicans."
Scottish director Michael Caton-Jones is at the helm and Jessica Lange, who still looks quite sexy in her 40s, plays his loyal wife. Strong ensemble, headed by John Hurt, Eric Stoltz, and particularly Jim Roth, in an Oscar-caliber turn, contributes to a revenge epic that's slightly anachronistic in dialogue and other ways.