Ring of Fire (1961): Adventure Starring David Janssen, and Huge Fire

Andrew L. Stone directed Ring of Fire, a shallow drama whose main attraction is a huge fire and its effects on a sheriff and some youngsters.

The film was shot in Vernonia, Oregon and Wynoochee River, Washington, featuring footage from two real forest fires.

Deputy sheriff Steve Walsh (David Janssen) encounters three youngsters in Washington between Shelton and Aberdeen in rural Mason County forest.

While driving, he is taken hostage when a young seductive girl Bobbie (Joyce Taylor) pulls a gun. Bobbie later tries to seduce but fails Walsh, who is twice her age. Her companion Roy tries to push Walsh off a cliff, but instead plummets to his own death.

When a search party comes to Walsh’s rescue, one of his captors, Frank, accuses the lawman of having improper relations with Bobbie, who is still a minor.

A cigarette carelessly tossed by Frank sets the forest ablaze.  The townspeople are evacuated, led by Walsh, who knows the region better than most. He successfully herds them aboard a train that leads across a bridge to safety, but Frank, trying to flee, falls from the trestle and is killed.

David Janssen as Sergeant Steve Walsh
Joyce Taylor as Bobbie ‘Skidoo’ Adams
Frank Gorshin as Frank Henderson
Joel Marston as Deputy Joe Pringle
James Johnson as Roy Anderson
Ron Myron as Sheriff Tom Niles, Mason County
Marshall Kent as Deputy
Doodles Weaver as Mr. Hobart