RED by Director Robert Schwentke

Robert Schwentke is the director of “Red.” the adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name, starring Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman. The film, which also stars Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, and Mary-Louise Parker, is being released by Summit Entertainment on October 15.

Graphic novelist Warren Ellis was impressed with the producer’s choice of Robert Schwentke to direct the film. “A lot of people may not realize that Robert is a huge fan of the comic book medium. In fact, the first time I met him, he quoted back to me from the first comic book I ever wrote. He clearly has a real passion about the form as well as the story.”

“Robert was a great choice as director,” says di Bonaventura. “We knew we needed someone who had a clear understanding of the tone of the film and the huge balancing act that the script presented. To interpret and then harmonize the comedy, the drama, the action and the romance was not an easy feat but based on his previous films and his appreciation of the comic book genre, Robert handled it brilliantly.”

An intelligent collaborator

“Robert is a great guy and a very intelligent collaborator,” says writer Erich Hoeber. “Like us, he is sort of a film geek so when we would talk about obscure film references either for story or visual purposes, he always knew exactly what we were talking about. That kind of knowledge combined with his beautiful yet disciplined visual style impressed Jon and I immensely.”

“Robert’s other films – a thriller, an action-drama and a time-traveling romance – were proof that he was capable of helming different genres,” says producer Vahradian. “Although he had never directed something with comedy overtones, he immediately and completely understood the dry humor that we wanted to have in this movie. In fact, it was his concept to have the actors deliver a lot of their lines in a very matter-of-fact kind of way. 

Great with actors

“For example,” Vahradian says, “when Morgan Freeman introduces Helen Mirren to Mary-Louise Parker, he says ‘Victoria was the best wet asset in the business, a true artist with a PSG.’ Sarah responds with ‘What’s that mean?’ and Helen’s matter-of-fact reply is ‘I kill people dear.’ There are so many great moments like that in the movie and Robert’s success of integrating those moments into the action and romance is testament to his understanding of the tone of the script and his ability to communicate very clearly with a large cast of extremely talented actors.”