Raging Angels

Cheesy special effects provide a cursory decoration to Raging Angels, a silly supernatural mystery about two innocent youngsters drawn into a sinister “global-peace” organization whose goal is to take over the world and impose unity through brainwashing. Theatrical release is merely a warm-up en quick route to video shelves, where ludicrous pic is bound to collect a lot of dust, despite a cast that includes Powder's Sean Patrick Flanery and Diane Ladd.

Three lousy scripters and a hack helmer have concocted a stew that indiscriminately borrows elements from romantic musicals, sci-fi, political, and horror pix, such as The Manchurian Candidate, The Exorcist and so on, resulting in a preposterously messy movie that changes tone, ideas, and visual style in scene after scene.

Two appealing rock musicians, Chris (Flanery) and Lila (Money Mazur), who're very much in love, audition for jobs hoping to be cast in the same show. One successful audition results in Lila being chosen as a backup singer for Colin Gramercy (Michael Pare), an ambitious performer who's also the celeb spokesman for the Coalition for World Unity, a diabolical organization with millions of members around the globe.

Enter Chris' Grandma Ruth (Shelley Winters) who experiences a series of horrifically shocking dreams and visions about the malevolent association. Though suffering a fatal heart attack, during a supernatural demonic attack, Grandma has enough time to plead with Sister Kate (Diane Ladd), a woman endowed with extraordinary powers, to save the two innocent youngsters.

In the poorly executed climax, a globally televised concert, Chris and Sister Kate race against the clock to rescue Lila from the clutches of Colin and his jealous lover, Megan (Arielle Dombasle), who conspires to assassinate Lila to gain the Coalition world-wide attention.

Pros Ladd and Winters throw themselves with unnecessary gusto into thankless roles, while Flanery and Mazur manage to show some charm despite script's obstacles. Lacking any visual distinction, pic's only saving grace is a boisterous rock n' roll soundtrack that accompanies the lovemaking between Flanery and Mazur and other scenes.