Professor Mamlock (1938): Soveit Film about Jewish Persecution in Nazi Germany

One of the earliest film to deal with the Jewish persecution in Nazi Germany, Professor Mamlock was directed by Herbert Rappaport and Adolf Minkin. 

Professor Mamlock (Semyon Mezhinsky), a successful and respected Jewish surgeon, initially ignores the political crisis of the Weimar Republic. In fact, he’s troubled by his son Rolf (Oleg Zhakov), a passionate communist who resists the Nazi Party.

When the Nazis seize power, Mamlock is forced to leave his clinic as Jews are no longer allowed to practice medicine. He’s humiliated by the SA men, who drag him through the streets and emblazon his doctor’s robe with the word “Jew.”

Heartbroken, Mamlock contemplates suicide, but at the last moment, an SA man promises to restore his rights if he operates on a high-ranking Nazi.

However, Mamlock’s hopes are crushed when a Nazi activist convinces the other doctors to blame him for misdemeanors he didn’t commit.

Meanwhile, his son Rolf and another communist are arrested and brutally tortured. They escape and are hunted down by the police.

When Professor Mamlock makes an impassioned speech calling on the people to resist, the SA kill him, but Rolf becomes the leader of a new resistance movement.