Privates on Parade (1982): Peter Nichols’ Play on Big Screen (Gay Cinema)

Peter Nichols adapted Privates on Parade, his own play, to the big screen about a fictional gay military entertainment group, the “Song and Dance Unit, Southeast Asia” whose goal was to amuse the troops in the Malayan jungle during the Malayan Emergency.

John Cleese – Maj. Giles Flack
Denis Quilley – Capt. Terri Dennis
Nicola Pagett – Sylvia Morgan
Patrick Pearson – Sgt. Steven Flowers
Michael Elphick – Sgt. Maj. Reg Drummond
David Bamber – Sgt. Charles Bishop
Tim Barlow – Commanding Officer
Ishaq Bux – Sikh Doorman
Steve Dixon – Drummer
David Griffin – Infantry Officer in the Bush
Peter Hutchinson – Trumpet Player
Jasper Jacob – Bass Player
Simon Jones – Sgt. Eric Young-Love
Brigitte Kahn – Mrs. Reg Drummond
Robin Langford – Electrician
Joe Melia – Sgt. Len Bonny
William Parker – Armed Escort
Bruce Payne – Flight Sgt. Kevin Cartwright
Neil Pearson – Band Pianist
John Quayle – Capt. Henry Cox
Julian Sands – Sailor