POW: The Escape (1986)

A low-budget action drama that takes place near the end of the Vietnam War, “POW: The Escape” stars a captured American colonel who strikes a deal with the camp commandant for the sake of his fellow prisoners. 

The North Vietnamese captain senses the war is drawing to a close and would like to escape to the U.S. with his two trunks of loot.  He offers the colonel his freedom if he will help get the captain through American lines.  The colonel agrees only after the captain consents to release the handful of other American prisoners. 

The tale concerns incidents steeped in treachery and greed over the loot and the heroism of the colonel who rescues a besieged unit of American soldiers about to be annihilated by the enemy.  The commandant waits in ambush for the colonel, who outwits the captain and kills him and his men.  A slightly deranged American prisoner attempts to steal the treasure for himself.  He later redeems himself when he throws himself on a grenade, thereby saving the lives of his fellow prisoners.