Pitfall: Andre DeToth’s Film Noir, Starring Dick Powell and Lizabeth Scott

Andre DeToth directed Pitfall, noir crime film based on the novel The Pitfall by Jay Dratler, starring Dick Powell and Lizabeth Scott.

John “Johnny” Forbes, a middle-class husband and father, is tired of his boring routine, working for the Olympic Mutual Insurance Company in downtown Los Angeles.

One day, private investigator and former cop J.B. “Mac” MacDonald tells him about an embezzler bonded by Olympic Mutual. Bill Smiley, serving time for the crime, is eligible for parole in two months. Smiley had given expensive gifts, including a speedboat, to his girlfriend, Santa Monica model Mona Stevens.

Dick Powell as John Forbes
Lizabeth Scott as Mona Stevens
Jane Wyatt as Sue Forbes
Raymond Burr as MacDonald
John Litel as District Attorney
Byron Barr as Bill Smiley
Jimmy Hunt as Tommy Forbes
Ann Doran as Maggie
Selmer Jackson as Ed Brawley
Margaret Wells as Terry
Dick Wassel as Desk Sergeant