Phantom of the Opera, The (1925)

In one of his best roles, the great Lon Chaney plays the vengeful composer who lives in the catacombs under the Paris Opera House, and kidnaps the young and beautiful Christine Daae (Mary Philbin) as his singing protge.

The famous unmasking act and the Bal Masque are impressive and innovative in two-color Technicolor. This silent movie has been designated as worthy of preservation by the Congress National Act of Preservation.

The movie has been remade many times, and later turned into a Broadway musical and a Joel Schumacher's mediocre Hollywood musical.


Lon Chaney…. Erik (the Phantom)
Mary Philbin…. Christine Daae
Norman Kerry…. Vicomte Raoul de Chagny
Arthur Edmund Carewe…. Ledoux (the Persian)
Gibson Gowland…. Simon Buquet
John St. Polis…. Comte Philippe de Chagny
Snitz Edwards…. Florine Papillon
Virginia Pearson…. Carlotta


Directed by Rupert Julian
Writing: Elliott J. Clawson and Frank M. McCormack Running time: 93 Minutes
Color: Black and White / Color (2-strip Technicolor)
Sound Mix: Silent
Certification: Unrated