Peg O’ My Heart (1933): Robert Z. Leonard’s Remake of 1923 Silent Movie, Starring Marion Davies

Robert Z. Leonard directed Peg o’ My Heart a Pre-Code  melodrama adaptation of J. Hartley Manners’ play, in which the legendary Laurette Taylor had made a strong impression, on stage and screen.

A silent version of Peg O’ My Heart, with Laurette Taylor recreating her stage role, was shot in 1923.

Marion Davies was a tad too old to play a young Irish girl, who inherits money from her grandfather. However, there’s a condition: In order to collect the legacy, she must leave her beloved Pa (J. Farrell McDonald) and live in England for three years.

She then falls in love with Onslow Stevens, who informs Davies that her father, who’d pretended to be dead, is actually alive. Renouncing her inheritance, Davies returns home.

Running time: 86 minutes

Release date: