Painting the Town: Docu of New Yorker Richard Osterweil

Andrew Behar’s docu “Painting the Town” tells the story of New Yorker Richard Osterweil, a full-time artist and part-time cab driver and coat-checker, blessed with a remarkable talent for crashing upscale New York social events.

Osterweil, who’s also credited as writer, is charming and intelligent, and his pursuit of upper-class entertainment seems motivated less by celebrity worship than by sheer love of glamour and free buffets; he lives on a self-imposed $6-per-day food budget. We learn that over the years, Osterweil has forged a place for himself, making some enduring friendship and even getting some legit invitations on his own.

Though its subject is intriguing, the docu is flawed since Andrew Behar doesn’t talk to anyone else except Osterweil, but it does help that his protag hero is blessed with easygoing, self-effacing personality.