Padre Nuetro (1985): Regueiro’s Spanish Family Melodrama

Francisco Regueiro directed Padre Nuestro (Our Father), a Spanish family melodrama, which screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1985 Cannes Film Fest.

A Spanish Cardinal, who has lived in the Vatican for 30 years, finds out that he has only one year to live.  He also finds out that he has a granddaughter, born without a father to his own illegitimate daughter.

Against the Pope’s advice, he goes home to put the rest of his life in order.  He plans to marry his daughter to his brother in order to legitimize his grandchild, and leave the land within the family. 

The tale unfolds as a series of encounters between the Cardinal and his family members, a varied assortment that includes his brother, an atheistic physician and a bachelor, his imperious mother, his former lover (now married and raising his granddaughter), her husband, and his daughter.