Outrage: Kirby Dick’s Docu

“Outrage,” the new documentary directed by Kirby Dick, is being released May 8, 2009 by Magnolia Pictures.

About the Subjects
(in order of appearance)

James McGreevey
— 52nd Governor (Democrat) of New Jersey.  After nearly three years in office, he resigned from office, declared his homosexuality and admitted to an extramarital affair with an adviser.

Kevin Naff – Editor of the Washington Blade and Genre Magazine.
Dan Popkey — A reporter for the Idaho Statesman, Popkey was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his investigation into Larry Craig in 2007.
Jim Hormel – Former ambassador to Luxembourg. Nominated by Bill Clinton, Hormel is the first openly gay man to represent the United States as an ambassador.
David Phillips – Alleges that he slept with a prominent congressman in 1986.  He is currently an information technology consultant in the Washington DC area.
David Catania – Openly gay, at-large member of the DC City Council. Member of the “Austin 12,” 12 members of the Log Cabin Republicans who met with George W. Bush in 2000.
Elizabeth Birch – Former director of the Human Rights Campaign. In 2000, Birch became the first leader of an LGBT organization to address a national political convention when she gave a prime-time speech at the Democratic National Convention.
Michael Rogers – Activist/outer and founder of BlogActive.com.  First reported on the hypocrisy of several prominent congressmen and senators, long prior to any coverage by the mainstream media.
Dan Gurley – Former RNC field director who oversaw anti-gay campaigns by the RNC and was therefore was “outed” by Michael Rogers. He now works for Equality North Carolina.
Andrew Sullivan – Prominent gay journalist and blogger.  His blog Daily Dish can be found at The Atlantic Online.
Barney Frank Democratic Congressman from Massachusetts since 1981. He is the first member of Congress to come out of the closet of his own volition. He is one of only three openly gay members of Congress.
Bob Norman Columnist for The Broward-Palm Beach New Times.  He was the first journalist to report on questions of hypocrisy with regard to voting records and the private lives of two prominent Florida politicians. 
Michelangelo Signorile – Radio host on Out Q at Sirius XM. Gay activist with ACT UP and Queer Nation. Co-founding editor of OutWeek (1989). Joined The Advocate in 1991.
Larry Gross – A key figure in formation of Gay and Lesbian studies. Director and Professor of USC Annenberg School of Communications.
Rodger McFarlane – Activist, founder of Gay Men’s Health Crisis. He is the former executive director of the Denver-based Gill Foundation and the author of The Complete Bedside Companion: No-Nonsense Advice on Caring for the Seriously Ill.
Larry Kramer – LGBT rights activist, founder of AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) in 1987. A playwright and author he was nominated for an Academy Award for “Women in Love” and Pulitzer Prize for “The Destiny of Me.”
Wayne Barrett Reporter and editor for Village Voice since 1979. Writer of The Big Apple: City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York.
David Rothenberg – Social activist, playwright and theater producer and founder of the Fortune Society. In 1985, he was first openly gay candidate in history to run for NYC Council. Friend of Richard Nathan.
Frederick Hertz – Former attorney to and friend of Richard Nathan.
Gary Cathey – Founder of ACT UP. Shreveport.  Allegedly had a longstanding relationship with a prominent Republican congressman.
Chris Bull – Former reporter at The Advocate. While a reporter at the publication, he wrote “The Outing of a Family Values Congressman: US Representative Jim McCrery’s Double Life.”
Mark Cromer – His work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Daily Journal, Los Angeles Daily News, New York Daily News and many other publications around the country. First to report on the hypocrisy of a prominent California congressman.
Steve Clemons – DC insider, publisher of political blog, The Washington Note.
H. Alexander Robinson – CEO of National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC). Deputy Executive Director
for the National Minority AIDS Council and member of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS during the Clinton Administration.

Hilary Rosen – Currently an on-air Contributor for CNN and Washington Editor-at-Large for The Huffington Post. She was formerly the chairman and chief executive of the Recording Industry Association of America and former interim director for the Human Rights Campaign.
Rich Tafel – Former executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans. President of RLT Strategies and author of “Party Crasher: A Gay Republican Challenges Politics as Usual.”
Jose Antonio Vargas – An out reporter at The Washington Post, Vargas won a Pulitzer Prize as part of a team that covered the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech.
Tom Sheridan – Lobbyist and founder of The Sheridan Group, a government and public relations organization in Washington. Former director of public policy at the AIDS Action Council. Founder of AIDSPAC.
Kirk Fordham Rep. Mark Foley’s, former chief of staff and campaign manager.   He raised the issue of Foley’s instant messages with pages with the staff of House Speaker Dennis Hastert more than three years before the news became public.
Patrick Guerriero Former Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans.  He served three terms as a Massachusetts state representative and two as mayor of the city of Melrose, Massachusetts. Currently his is the executive director of the Gill Action Fund, which advocates gay and lesbian equality.
Jim Kolbe – Former Arizona Congressman. Came out in August 1996 after the gay magazine The Advocate threatened to out him for his vote in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act.
Tammy Baldwin – Representative, Wisconsin 2nd district. One of three openly gay members of Congress.
Neil Guiliano Former Republican mayor of Tempe, AZ. He has been the President of Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) since September 2005.
Matt Weissman – Psychotherapist.
Tony Kushner – Pulitzer Prize winning playwright of Angels in America.
Dina Matos McGreevey – Ex-wife of former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey.
John Byrne – Editor and publisher of Raw Story.