Out in the Silence: Provocative Gay-Themed Docu, Directed by Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson

“Out in the Silence,” directed by Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson, premiered at the 2010 Outfest.  The film has inspired a grass roots outreach campaign.

Dean Hamer, the film’s co-director, is a well-known geneticist and played a key role in the prop 8 trial by virtue of his research on the role of genetics in sexual orientation.  By discovering the so-called “gay gene”, Hamer provided some of the most convincing evidence to date that being gay is not a choice.  Based on the judges’ questions, it appears that the question of choice will be central to his decision.

Hamer was a consultant for the plaintiffs in the case. There is a scene in his new documentary in which the main character, a 16 year old gay high school student, asks Hamer about his research as part of a school project.  The filmmaker has been an invited featured commentator on TV in the past to talk about this research.  In light of the Prop 8 hearing, I wanted to be sure to point that out to you.

“Out in the Silence” sparked a successful grass roots campaign for fairness and equality and has been screening in rural areas mostly in public libraries.  The campaign begins its next phase this year expanding into states with civil rights issues on the ballot.  Those states include Oregon, Texas, South Carolina, South Dakota, Ohio, North Carolina, and Wyoming.