Our Better (1933): Literary Source, Cultural Reception

George Cukor’s pre-code social satire, Our Betters, was adapted to the big screen from W. Somerset Maugham’s 1923 play of the same title by Jane Murfin and Harry Wagstaff Gribble.

Produced by David O. Selznick, the film premiered at the prestigious Radio City Music Hall in New York.

Mordaunt Hall, the critic of┬áthe New York Times called the film “a highly praiseworthy pictorial interpretation of the stage work” and added, “It is an intelligently worked out film, thanks to the director, George Cukor, and while it does not bother much about cinematic art, the scenes are always beautifully photographed and nicely staged. It has heaps of amusement and some hearty laughter, and Mr. Maugham’s fine hand still is apparent notwithstanding certain tactful studio changes.”