Oscar 1963: One of Weakest Movie Years

For those nostalgic critics and viewers, who complain that movies these days are not what they used to be, I urge a second, more critical look at the top categories in the 1963 Oscar race: Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress.

No matter what films are nominated this year (announcement will be made in January 2014), they have got to be better than those listed below.

So, do not be sentimental about the past and look at what is good at the present—-and what lies ahead for the future.

The year of 1963 is one of the weakest in the annals of the Oscar Awards.

Best Picture Nominees

America, America, 4 nominations, 1 Oscars
Cleopatra, 9, 4
How the West Was Won, 8, 3
Lilies of the Field, 5, 1
Tom Jones,10 nominations, 4 Oscars

Review of Tom Jones

Lilies of the Field


Best Director

Fellini, Federico, 81/2
Kazan, Elia, America America
Preminger, Otto, The Cardinal
Richardson, Tony, Tom Jones
Ritt, Martin, Hud

Best Actor

Finney, Albert, Tom Jones
Harris, Richard, This Sporting Life
Harrison, Rex, Cleopatra
Newman, Paul, Hud
Poitier, Lilies of the Field

Best Actress

Caron, Leslie, The L-Shaped Room
MacLaine, Shirley, Irma La Douce
Neal, Patricia, Hud
Roberts, Rachel, This Sporting Life
Wood, Natalie, Love with the Proper Stranger

Supporting Actor

Adams, Nick, Twilight og Honor
Darin, Bobby, Captain Newman, M.D.
Douglas, Melvyn, Hud
Griffith, Hugh, Tom Jones
Huston, John, The Cardinal

Supporting Actress

Cilento, Diana, Tom Jones
Evans, Edith, Tom Jones
Redman, Joyce, Tom Jones
Rutherford, Margaret, The V.I.P.s
Skala, Lilia, Lilies of the Field

Best Foreign-Language Nominees

In 1963, the eighth year of the foreign-language Oscar category, the five nominees were:

81/2 (Italy)Knife in the Water (Poland)
Los Tarantos (Spain)
The Red Lanterns (Greece)
Twin Sisters of Kyoto (Japan)