Oscar 2021: Emerald Fennell’s Reaction to Multiple Nominations of Promising Young Woman

Emerald Fennell on Earning Oscar Nomination for Feature Directing Debut

Rich Polk/Getty Images

The U.K.-based writer-director-actor also earned nominations for screenplay and best picture.

What were you doing when the nominations announced?

I planned to watch it, but I didn’t know that daylight savings time had happened in America, which meant the announcements were an hour earlier than I had known. I was actually on a Zoom meeting with someone, and then my phone started ringing and my husband burst in and said ‘It’s on!” So I had to leave the meeting, incredibly embarrassingly, with the words ‘I’m so sorry. I have to go. I think I might have just been nominated for an Oscar.”  It’s truly once-in-a-lifetime amazing. In a weird way, I’m relieved that it was earlier, though I’m sad to have missed the first part, because I didn’t have that hour of pure terror, waiting.

Reaction of Carey Mulligan and members of cast and crew?

Yes! Everyone who worked on this film is so amazing, and they all took a risk on it, frankly. They gave it a shot because they hoped it could be something. So today, I feel just immense gratitude and pride. We made the film in 23 days–I’m just so grateful to them. Carey and I were screaming and sobbing and jumping on zoom. Fred Thoraval, the incredible editor, is working abroad, and he was asleep, so I called him and woke him up and said, “I’m so sorry but you really should wake up because you’ve been nominated for an Oscar.” I wish I could see everyone. It’s tough not being able to congratulate people in-person.

Being nominated for directing with Chloe Zhao, the first time two women have ever been nominated in that category?

Chloe is so amazing and that film is so spectacular, so to be nominated alongside her and everyone else in that category is just completely wonderful. There were so many female directors this year who made such beautiful, brilliant, challenging, different films. I feel honored to be able to meet and talk to all of those women along this journey.

Next directing project

After this I don’t know what to do! I just have to get some sort of harrowing drug addiction and a harem of boyfriends. I don’t know what to do, apart from go completely mad. I’ve just finishing writing the next thing. I won’t show it to anyone until it’s done, and then hopefully someone will like it and I will get to make it. I miss people, and working with people. So, the fact that this film has made it hopefully possible to make another one, is so exciting.