Oscar 2020: Renee Zellweger, Best Actress for Judy, Dedicates Oscar to her Idol, Judy Garland

As predicted, Renée Zellweger won the Best Actress Oscar at the 92nd Academy Awards for her portrayal of Hollywood icon Judy Garland in the biopic Judy, a mediocre movie elevated substantially by her stunning performance.

It’s Zellweger’s second Oscar, previously winning supporting actress in 2004 for “Cold Mountain.” She’d received two other best actress Oscar nominations before that, in 2003 for “Chicago” and in 2002 for “Bridget Jones’s Diary.”

The actress celebrated American heroes, and specifically her hero, Judy Garland. “This past year of conversations celebrating Judy Garland across generations and across cultures has been a really cool reminder that our heroes unite us,” Zellweger said. “The best among us, who inspire us to find the best in ourselves, when they unite us, when we look to our heroes, we agree, you know? And that matters.”

She continued to list several famous inspirational figures, including Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride, Venus and Serena Williams, Selena, Bob Dylan, Martin Scorsese, Fred Rogers and Harriet Tubman.

“Judy Garland did not receive this honor in her time,” the actress said. “I am certain that this moment is an extension of the celebration of her legacy that began on our film set and is also representative of the fact that her legacy of unique exceptionalism and inclusivity and generosity of spirit, it transcends any one artistic achievement. Ms. Garland, you are certainly among the heroes who unite and define us and this is certainly for you. I am so grateful.”


Zellweger won Best Actress at age 50; she had earned the Supporting Actress Oscar at age 34.

Track Record:

4 nominations: 3 Lead, 1 Supporting Oscar.