One More Tomorrow (1946): Godfrey’s Screwball Comedy, Starring Ann Sheridan, Alexis Smith, Jane Wyman

Peter Godfrey functionally directs the adaptation of this screwball comedy by Charles Hoffman, Catherine Turney, Julius J. Epstein and Philip G. Epstein from Philip Barry’s play “The Animal Kingdom.”

Grade: B- (**1/2 out of *****)

Starring Ann Sheridan, Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson, Alexis Smith, Jane Wyman and Reginald Gardiner, One More Tomorrow is a remake of the 1932 The Animal Kingdom.

Wealthy socialite Tom Collier (Dennis Morgan) is bored by his father’s aspirations for him and by his elitist crowd, except for friend Pat Regan (Jack Carson), who is his butler.

When Tom meets commercial photographers Christie Sage (Ann Sheridan) and Frankie Connors (Jane Wyman), he purchases a failing liberal activist magazine in order to work with Christie and be near her. Tom socializes with Christie’s bohemian friends, though his father does not approve. Christie eventually refuses Tom’s proposal of marriage and leaves for Mexico to pursue photography as a fine artist.

During her absence, Tom marries gold-digging and manipulative Cecelia Henry (Alexis Smith). Christie returns from Mexico, realizing she has made a mistake and that she loves Tom, but it’s too late. Cecelia schemes to separate Tom from Christie, from his old friend Pat, from his magazine work, and finally- conspiring with Tom’s father- from his values.

Tom must decide whether to publish an exposé on corrupt defense contractors which will compromise his rich friends. With Pat’s help, Tom decides to move forward with the story and leave Cecelia for Christie.

The movie was popular at the box-office.

Ann Sheridan as Christie Sage
Dennis Morgan as Thomas Rufus ‘Tom’ Collier III
Jack Carson as Patrick ‘Pat’ Regan
Alexis Smith as Cecelia Henry
Jane Wyman as Frankie Connors
Reginald Gardiner as James ‘Jim’ Aloysius Fisk
John Loder as Owen Arthur
Marjorie Gateson as Aunt Edna Collier
Thurston Hall as Thomas Rufus Collier II
John Abbott as Joseph Baronova
Marjorie Hoshelle as Illa Baronova
Sig Arno as Poppa Diaduska


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