Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Tarantino’s Love Letter is International Hit

Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood dominates the international box office, where it collected $53.7 million from 46 markets.

That marks the best foreign opening of Tarantino’s career, coming in ahead of 2012’s “Django Unchained.”

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood debuted in Russia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, before this weekend’s larger release. In a win for original content, the movie has now earned $66 million overseas and $180.5 million globally.

The studio spent $90 million to produce the film.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood had the strongest showing in the U.K. with a five-day launch of $8.9 million, followed by France with $6.9 million, Germany with $5.6 million, and Australia with $4.4 million.

In Russia, where it bowed two weeks ago, the film has made $13 million. It has yet to launch in Mexico, Japan, Italy or South Korea.