O.J.: Made in America: Ezra Edelman’s Impressive Epic Documentary

Ezra Edelman’s 7½-hour highly acclaimed docu, O.J.: Made in America, was funded by ESPN.

It’s an impressively expansive study of the life and career of O.J. Simpson, including but not limited to his 1995 murder trial,

The docu always was intended as a “really long film,” says Edelman: “Fundamentally, the story was going to be about race, but what I quickly learned is how many more things it’s about: gender and masculinity, domestic abuse, criminal justice system, celebrity, the media.”

Because of its running time, O.J. required a special dispensation for documentary consideration. According to HR, it is now awaiting a ruling on its best picture eligibility–to qualify, a film must have three screenings per day, which is impossible in the case of O.J.