Nutty Professor, The: Iconic Jerry Lewis

“The Nutty Professor” debuts on DVD November 25 from Genius Products, Rainmaker Entertainment and The Weinstein Company.

Featuring the voice talents of the original Nutty Professor, comedic icon Jerry Lewis as Julius Kelp and three-time Kids’ Choice Award Winner Drake Bell (“Superhero Movie,” “Drake and Josh”) as his grandson Harold, “The Nutty Professor” is the modern animated sequel to the beloved 1963 classic and one of the great family franchises in movie history.

Years after the original nutty professor has hidden away the formula for his secret potion, his boy genius grandson, Harold, rediscovers the recipe and the adventure begins anew. Along the way, Harold learns to face his fears and the power of just being himself.

When Harold gets his hands on the recipe for his grandfather’s secret elixir, he creates a potion that drastically transforms his personality to be more confident and suave. Unfortunately his alter ego is also obnoxious and destructive. Much like his grandfather before him, Harold must face his insecurities and fears while learning to believe in himself without the help of any special concoctions.

A comedy to be enjoyed by the whole family, The Nutty Professor DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.97.

DVD Bonus Features

¬? The Science of Animating The Nutty Professor
¬? Character Storyboard Gallery

Running Time: 76 minutes
MPAA Rating: G