Nowhere to Go: Maggie Smith Debut

Maggie Smith makes her screen debut in Nowhere to Go, a little known, black and white film noir, directed by Set Holy (better known for helming The Nanny with Batte Davis in 1965).

The screenplay is penned by Seth Holt and Donald MacKenzie, based on the latter’s novel.

Smith plays an aristocrat whose sheltered existence is shattered by the arrival of George Nader. Nader is a fugitive from justice who can expect no help from his fellow criminals. He takes refuge in Smith’s home, entreating her to shield him from the police.

At first fearful and hesitant, she gets closer to Nader after he is accidentally shot. . ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Running time: 97 Minutes

Directed By: Seth Holt
Written By: Seth Holt, Donald MacKenzie