Nostalgia (1983): One of Tarkovsky's Best Films

"Nostalgia" was Tarkovsky's first film to be shot outside the USSR, and his first collaboration with a non-Russian crew. Because of difficulties with the state agency Sovinfilm, "Nostalgia" was shot in Italy. Tarkovsky's cultural hybrid was greatly assisted by veteran Italian screenwriter Tonino Guerra, who spoke fluent Russian and whose wife is Russian.

The elusive narrative concerns a Russian scientist (not coincidentally also named Andrei) who has come to do research in Italy. Andrei's travels across the landscape, in the company of his guide, a beautiful young woman, are inevitably suffused with a growing sense of spiritual melancholy and "nostalgia" for his distant homeland. He meets a mad recluse named Domenico (played by Ingmar Bergman regular Erland Josephson), whose eerie, mystical pronouncements touch on the fragile nature of faith in the modern world, which he seeks to re-affirm in a shocking act of self-immolation.
Andrei, both the protagonist and the filmmaker, attempt to emulate the spirit of Domenico's tragi-heroic act in a climactic scene of spectacular, severe beauty.
Tarkovsky's seven features and two shorts have each won numerous prizes at international festivals, including the Golden Lion at Venice, the Grand Prize at San Francisco, and at Cannes, the Special Jury Prize (twice) and the Grand Prize for Creative Cinema. He died of cancer in 1986, at the prime of his career.
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