No Hard Feelings: Jennifer Lawrence Teams with Gene Stupnitsky

Jennifer Lawrence, Gene Stupnitsky Team for Sony’s ‘No Hard Feelings’

The studio picks up a buzzy comedy feature package as Lawrence is set to earn a hefty payday.


Sony has picked up a buzzy Jennifer Lawrence movie package.

The studio has acquired No Hard Feelings, a coming-of-age dramedy pitch that would star Lawrence and be directed by Gene Stupnitsky, who wrote and co-exec produced The Office.

Stupnitsky, who made his feature directorial debut with the  raunchy 2019 comedy Good Boys, will co-write the script with John Phillips.

The raunchy comedy co-written by Stupnitsky and frequent collaborator Lee Eisenberg that starred Cameron Diaz as a foul-mouthed instructor.

The project hit the town a few weeks ago, generating buzz. But the price tag gave some sticker shock — Lawrence was looking for a $25 million payday, and Stupnitsky’s fee was also in the seven figures. Streamers fell out early in the bidding which marked a surprising turn of events considering Apple and Netflix have been willing to spend big on star-driven vehicles.

Sony, however, was particularly interested in Feelings and top execs flew to New York last week to court Lawrence.

Lawrence and company will be shooting in Montauk next summer.