Night of the Following Day, The (1968): Tale of Greed and Crime, Starring Brando and Rita Moreno

One of Brando’s least known movies, The Night of the Following Day is a crime thriller, produced and directed by Hubert Cornfield.

Shot in France, it tells the story of a kidnapped heiress being held hostage in a remote beach house.

Pamela Franklin plays the young woman, who in the first scene is seen on an airplane, as she interacts with the flying attendant, Vi (Rita Moreno).

Brando plays the chauffeur, Bud (Brando), who whispers something into her ears before putting her in a Rolls-Royce and driving off. They stop at a junction and Leer (Richard Boone) gets in.

The quartet heads to a remote beach house where the girl’s father is contacted with instructions for the payoff.

Having doubts about the scheme, Bud protects the girl when Leer gets out of control. Bud has to contend with the instable operation head and drug-addict Vi, who cannot be trusted.

Vi’s brother Wally (Jess Hahn) goes to the saloon where the drop-off is scheduled, but Wally is wounded in a gun battle with the bartender. He escapes and gives the money to Leer.

Leer kills all his partners in crime on their return with the ransom, and the car catches fire. Bud, escaping the disaster, hides on the beach, and shoots Leer as he signals to a ship waiting to take him from the country.

In the end, it is revealed that it was the girl’s nightmare, though she does meet Bud in the airport, just as in the dream.

The film’s last shot, with a close-up of Brando smiling, is both cool and surprising.

The film was released in February 1969.

Running time: 93 Minutes.